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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Encarta World Dictionary states: tes•ti•mo•ny [téstə mnee] (plural tes•ti•mo•nies) n
1. evidence given in court: evidence that a witness gives to a court of law. It may take the form of a written or oral statement detailing what the witness has seen or knows about a case.
2. proof: something that supports a fact or a claim This win is testimony to the tactical skill of the coach.
3. Bible Ten Commandments: the Ten Commandments inscribed on two stone tablets, or the Ark of the Covenant in which the tablets were stored
4. Christianity public avowal: a public profession of Christian faith or religious experience

[14th century. < Latin testimonium < testis "witness"]

In 2008, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church added an important word to the vows we take when we join a local United Methodist congregation. The pastor asks those uniting with a local church: As members of this congregation, will you faithfully participate in its ministries by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness? “Your witness” is the addition to the vows.

Someone has said, “Your life may be the only sermon some people ever hear.” If that’s true, what are people hearing from you? In addition to your deeds and attitudes that give glory and honor to God, how are your WORDS giving witness to God? Sharing a word of testimony or witness on Sunday morning is one way to glorify God AND practice sharing your witness so that you can begin to do so OUTSIDE the church building, so that those who do not know the Living God can begin to hear about Him. How will you share your witness?

I’m offering to everyone the opportunity to share a word of testimony or witness during our Sunday morning worship service, during the sharing of joys and concerns. I suspect that many of us feel the need to “practice” what we might say, and with God’s family is a great place to practice. What story can you tell about how God is at work in your life, how God has answered prayer, how God has healed you? What witness can you give to the power of God in the world today? On Monday nights at Body and Soul Fellowship, we call it “going on a God hunt.” Keep your eyes, and ear, and heart open to see what God is up to, and tell the story!

Pastor Lisa

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